How we started this blog

You may think it’s too early to write a post about how we started this blog but the point is that we have gained a lot of inertia during the last couple of weeks and nothing can stop us now. It’s like being a huge train full of lead that got rocketed at 200 km/h: if you put something in front of it, the train will barely feel it as it get’s crushed.

It has been a while since we wanted to start a blog, but because of the lack of ideas and the perception that we weren’t good enough we never started.

And so it goes that almost 3 weeks ago I was hearing a Software Engineering Radio podcast and they were talking about Marketing Yourself, a topic that always gets my attention. The guy speaking to the host was John Sonmez from Simple Programmer and he said something that goes along this line:

Marketing is just helping people find a solution to a problem they have

And then

If you go to an interview and the interviewer is one of your readers, he already knows you and your skills, you won’t need to prove anything

Then I was all OH MY GOD, I need to know more about this guy!!!

I went to his site looked him up on google and found out that I already knew this guy. He did two very interesting interviews with the .NET Rocks guys when he talked about Managing Your Career. Not only, he also have tons of really good Pluralsight courses and a book about Soft Skills.

Looking at all the content he has published and all the podcast he has been to, made me think: “OK, This guy can give me the information I need to start building a brand online”. So I decided to subscribe to his free online course on How to Create a Blog.

How To Build A Blog That Will Boost Your Career

This is a 3 week course divided into 6 e-mails that you get on Mondays and Thursdays and that gives you a step by step guide on starting a blog on a subject that matters to you.

In the first lesson John gives you some advice on how to identify the subject and how to make it narrow enough to attract users that are willing to return.

Later he proceeds with some technical advice on how to publish the blog, if it’s the first time ever you publish a blog this information saves you a lot of headaches!

After the first two lessons came a few that blew my mind!

The most difficult part in starting a blog for me was to come up with topics to write about. And I believe it’s what stops most of us from starting, or from being consistent: you put up two or three post in a month and then stop because you don’t have new ideas.

Well, while reading the third lesson my mind became a waterfall of ideas, at one point I stopped reading and started to write down all the ideas that came to me. And in about an hour I had a backlog of topics that could generate 1 blog post every week for about a year. That’s a huge amount of ideas for someone who could only come up with a few of them a day before.

Then, I e-mailed my brother and we started this blog after completing the last 3 lessons of the How to Create a Blog course. What are the topics of those lessons it’s up to you to find out!

And since then we have been writing an article every two days each.

So, if you have ever thought about writing a blog give this course a shot it cost you nothing and the value that you get is HUGE.

Author: Daniele Pozzobon

Daniele is an aspiring software craftsman and Scrum Master with more that ten years of experience in the software industry.
He is currently working on amazing solutions in the manufacturing industry helping with the development of a DevOps culture.
He constantly annoys his friends by talking about software and is passionate about Agile methodologies and DevOps, which gives him more opportunities to talk annoy his friends even more.
When there are no friends around to annoy, he blogs on CodeCleaners and in his free he time loves go hiking with his wife and two daughters.